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4-DBR Consortium Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden
After 6 months the 4-DBR partners met again to exchange updates and action points to keep on with the good work developed within the project.
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The 4-DBR Consortium Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden

The past Tuesday, 9th of February 2023, the 4-DBR Consortium met in Stockholm, Sweden for an in-person meeting hosted by VERIGRAFT.

The meeting was a fantastic opportunity to reported on work completed done during the first 6 months of the project and exchanged on the ongoing tasks and project activities. In the meeting each partner had their time slot to explain what they had done, the state of their experiments and know the achievements that have been accomplished.

 A full day of insightful exchange that not only gave us a chance to talk about the first few months, but was an excellent occasion to explore and talk about the next steps to take together. 

Not all was related to science, VERIGRAFT, our hosts, prepared interesting activities to get to know each other better and strengthen teamwork.

After spending a full day together, we left from Sweden full of energy and ready to face the next stage and the next big appointments.

We will keep you all updated on our day to day, such as the experiments results, the congresses and conferences that we will attend.

Follow us for upcoming news on Twitter @EU_4DBR and LinkedIn 4-Deep Brain Reconstruction (4-DBR) and the official hashtag #4Dminibrain.

See you soon!

Scientific discussion meeting

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