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About the project

The 4-Deep Brain Reconstruction (4-DBR), a Horizon European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder Open project, aims to develop a conceptually novel brain reconstruction to treat patients who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders.

Due to the complexity of brain, current approaches and techniques to treat neurodegenerative diseases do not allow for a correct recapitulation of the brain properties. Thus, the 4-DBR Consortium will overcome the most frequent limitations encountered in cell-based transplants of dissociated cells and organoids. We aim to develop an implantable 4D bioprinted reconstructed brain able to mimic all properties and functions of human brain.


Our approach will be able to:


  • Overcome risk of patient rejection of transplants as all our compounds will originate from the patient’s own cells, or they are non-reactive biomaterials.

  • Avoid cell death observed in organoids by creating a vascularization system that will feed all cells with necessary oxygen and nutrients.

  • Ensure the success of the transplantation by promoting cell maturation selectively once cells are in the desired in vivo target.

  • Avoid the unnecessary sacrifice of animals for drug development, as our solution is a more reliable drug testing platform.

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