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Presentation of the 4D minibrains at the XIII Neurobiology Symposium - Catalan Society of Biology. 

The symposium provided an opportunity to disseminate 4DBR's findings to over 275 participants. 

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XIII Neurobiology Symposium: Cellular Complexity in Brain Function and Dysfunction - Catalan Society of Biology

28 and 29 of May 2024, Alice Louail presented the latest results on cell culture and differentiation on a brain extracellular matrix hydrogel at the XIII Neurobiology Symposium: Cellular Complexity in Brain Function and Dysfunction, hosted by the Catalan Society of Biology. 

In her oral presentation, titled "A 3D-Printed Mini-Brain Based on Pluripotent Stem Cells Differentiation", she described the differentiation protocols generating forebrain neurons or endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells. She also shared preliminary data on neuron differentiation on a natural brain extracellular matrix hydrogel and on the co-culture of different cell components of the blood-brain barrier. 

Following an extensive laboratory work, the developed and optimized culture protocols for different cell types serve as a basis in the generation of a bio-printed vascularized mini-brain, which has potential for patient transplantation. 

These results were achieved through collaboration within the 4DBR consortium, particularly with VERIGRAFT. They have worked diligently to develop and optimize the protocol for decellularizing the brain extracellular matrix. 

The 4DBR project, and its innovative strategies, generated a lot of interest and curiosity from the participant at the congress. 

News#14_NeuroSCB2024_Alice Louail_Presentation.jpg
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