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Doing science is incredibly fun! Alessandro Cacioppo (Master fellowship at the DTU) 

Alessandro Cacioppo is a biomedical engineer who has been collaborating with our project through his master's thesis. During his master's (Biomedical Engineering for Cells, Tissue and Biotechnologies at the Politecnico di Milano), he did a fellowship with our partners from the Technical University of Denmark at the Bioanalytical System group, Division of Bioengineering.  

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Alessandro Cacioppo

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alessandro and getting to know his experience in more detail.

What encouraged you to do the internship with the 4-DBR project?

I was encouraged to do the internship with the 4-DBR project because it offered the opportunity to develop a new 3D-printable microfluidic device for recreating the blood-brain barrier and testing new materials.

What has been the experience of participating in the 4-DBR project?

My experience participating in the 4-DBR project has been incredible. Apart from learning new laboratory techniques, I had the chance to work in a multicultural environment and exchange ideas and opinions with researchers from around the world, which was undoubtedly the most wonderful part.

How do you think you will be able to use the acquired knowledge?

I plan to use the acquired skills to further my career as a researcher.

“My experience participating in the 4-DBR project has been incredible"

Alessandro Cacioppi

Would you encourage other students to carry out an internship of this type? Why?

Absolutely, I would encourage other students to carry out an internship of this type. Jenny's group is amazing, and life in Denmark has been very beautiful both in terms of the sights in Copenhagen and from a cultural and work perspective.


Do you think this stay will influence you in choosing your professional career? What are your plans for the future?

I believe this experience will have a significant influence on my choice of a professional career. Thanks to this experience, I've realized that I want to continue working within a research group, and I will be starting a Ph.D. at the Politecnico di Milano


If you had to sum up your experience in one sentence, what would it be?

Summing up my experience in one sentence: Doing science is incredibly fun!

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