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Introducing microfabrication technology applied to the 4DBR project to students at the ITS Biotecnologie Piemonte Insitute - Turin 

All the researchers in the 4DBR project know the importance of education and preparer students for the future; for that, they participate in many training workshops and lectures.  

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Dr. Giorgio Scordo at the ITS Biotecnologie Piemonete Institue 

Last semester, Dr. Giorgio Scordo, a postdoctoral researcher from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), held a lecture at the ITS Biotecnologie Piemonte institute. These lectures introduced university students to the technology developed in the 4DBR project. 

During the lecture, Dr. Scordo highlighted the challenges and details that 4DBR had faced in developing a hollow coaxial structure suitable for cell culture, and stimulation. He explained the necessity of maintaining structural integrity at a microscopic scale, ensuring that the structure did not collapse or deform. Also, Dr. Scordo focused on the importance of using biocompatible materials and studying cell interaction and behavior.


The lecture provided a general overview of different microfabrication techniques to the students and an invaluable opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in microfabrication. The expertise and detailed explanations of Dr. Scordo have provided students with a solid foundation for understanding complex biomedical engineering challenges. 

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