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The 4DBR project has moved out of the laboratory to explain what 3D bioprinting is to children, teenagers, and adults
News#11_Clinic obert

Clinic Obert, participation in a dissemination activity

On May 10th and 11th, the 4DBR project took to the streets to educate society about 3D bioprinting. On the first day, the researchers participated in the UB Science Festival (X Festa de la Ciència de la UB), held at the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona. On the second day, they took part in the Clinic Obert, held at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of UB. During both days, the aim of both workshops was to disseminate concepts about what 3D bioprinting is and how it can be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases. 

Although the objective was the same on both days, the audience differed. At the UB Science Festival, the workshop was more dynamic and interactive, and researchers incorporated a game since the audience consisted of students and teachers from compulsory education and high school. The game helped them to understand the concept of bioprinting in a fun way. In contrast, at Clinic Obert, the researchers presented 3D bioprinting and the project through a comprehensive and visual talk. 


During the workshops, researchers showcased how this innovative technology can create complex tissue structures that can potentially replace damaged tissues and organs and highlighted the future possibilities of 3D bioprinting in medicine. For the nicest explanation, a 3D printer was brought so that the audience could imagine how a 3D Bioprinter works more easily. 

Both workshops were successful; all the participants left very satisfied, and what's more, they were able to take home a 3D-printed brain as a gift. 


We hope to repeat the following year! 

News#11_Festa de la Ciència UB 2024

UB Science Festival, participation in a dissemination activity

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